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Biker Social is a Worldwide Community Biker Network based in the UK for Bikers & Scooterists. You can add posts, share photos & videos, add friends, send messages, live chat, join & create groups, sell items, view & create events & Lots More!

Our network has separate sections making it easier to find the content you are looking for. The sections are :- Home, People, Groups, Photos, Videos, Events, Classifieds, Businesses & Live News

Our events section is one of the biggest listings of Motorcycle & Scooter Events in the UK, last year we had over 2000+ events! and we now accept event submissions worldwide

The Business Pages section contains and ever growing list of Motorcycle & Scooter Friendly Businesses. Business Owners can add their business for free. The pages allow users to check in, view contact details, and allow users to rate them.

The live news section fetches the latest Motorcycle & Scooter News from popular news sites in the UK. It automatically updates every 5 minutes.

Unlike other networks you don't have to register to view all of our content, however registering gives you many benefits to using our site

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Business Pages Recent Reviews

  • Darren
    Darren wrote a review for Whiteways Cafe
    Popped along after going to Loomies, busy place, unfortunately the que was horrendous to get refreshments so didn’t stay long, maybe next time.
    on March 24 at 07:51 PM
  • Darren
    Darren wrote a review for Loomies Moto Cafe
    Popped down Loomies today, very busy with the weather and cracking roads leading to it.
    on March 24 at 07:43 PM
  • BikerSocial
    BikerSocial wrote a review for Street Riders
    Did my DAS training here, friendly instructors, good training, passed easily
    on November 24 at 05:21 PM