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New Feature Added To The Network - Video Upload

Today we have added a brand new feature to Biker Social.  Video uploading lets you upload videos, straight from your computer, tablet, or phone.  You can still also share videos from YouTube and Vimeo by going to the Videos Section and select Share A Video.
The videos are uploaded and then our server trans-codes them to .mp4 format.  Once your video has trans-coded you will receive a notification letting you know your video is ready and live on Biker Social.
To upload videos on Desktop & Windows 10 Devices in the status posting you will now see a video icon, simply click the icon choose your video file, enter the title and description and post it.
To upload videos on our Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices.  On the status posting choose the more icon (3 dots) and then select the Video Upload Icon.  Choose the video file, enter the title and description and post it.  Please note for now there is a 200mb file limit for videos which we may increase in the future.
Posted in Biker Social on December 18 at 05:25 PM

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