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Biker Social PWA App Now Live

Biker Social PWA Apps are now live.  If you have never heard of a PWA App, it stands for progressive web apps.  On Android or Windows 10 you will get a prompt in your browser to Add To Homescreen.  Once you have done this it automatically installs our App directly from our servers without the need for using App Stores.
To install on iPhone or iPad, load our site in Safari.  Press the share button and select Add To Homescreen.  The Biker Social App will then be installed without the need to use the App Store.
The benefit of this system, is that once it's installed, any changes we make to our code are instantly displayed in the app without the need to update through the App Stores.  You will get all of the features that are on our website such as side tabs to select categories and extra search functions.  They are also much smaller in size meaning they take far less space up on your device.
To get our new App now, On Android simply press the popup in your browser Add To Homescreen or open the browser options and select Add To Homescreen.
On iPhone or iPad, open our site in safari, press the share button and select Add To Homescreen.
Posted in Biker Social on May 18 at 08:31 PM

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