SPY SHOT VIDEO: Want to WATCH the Triumph 765cc Daytona Moto2-alike in action? Yeah? ON FILM? Moving? For real? We got it – right HERE.

Photos are so last week, darling… here’s video of the thing in action.

Here it is then, next year’s Triumph Daytona 765. This is the bike that the British factory will be banking on stealing a Moto2-inspired march on its rivals in the sporty middleweight class.

Essentially, the bike is a current Daytona 675 with the 765 engine that’s currently in the firm’s Street Triple – so a pretty typical Triumph parts-swapping exercise (albeit with uprated cam profiles, valve train, pistons etc) – but there’s a bit more to this bike in our video than that.

Let’s assume that when the bike goes on sale next year ( and it will, let’s not pussyfoot around about this, Triumph is sinking a vast amount of money into providing the engines for Moto2 – the 765cc engines into Moto2 – so do you REALLY think they’re doing that for their health or do you reckon they want to make a shedload of cash from selling road-going Moto2 lookalikes with 765cc motors in them? Yeah, us too), a large part of the bodywork is going to change. The lights will shrink, the angles will be more pointy and Triumph will do what Triumph always does with it’s race-bike-on-the-road plans, it’ll make the thing more angry-looking (650 Daytona or 680 Daytona anyone?).

What our spy snapper has caught on film is in full-on RR-mode with the single seat unit, the Street Triple’s 765 instruments and a lovely megaphone-style exhaust that apes the Moto2 prototype bitsa that Triumph showed last year.

Tech-wise the bike in the video has NIX30 Ohlins forks with Stylema radial calipers and a TTX rear shock (there’s nothing new here, it’s pretty much the rolling spec on the Daytona 675 R).

So there it is. In all it’s moving, film footage. You can see it for yourself. The basis for what will be the 765cc Daytona-Moto2-alike-on-the-road. Phew, that’s got to be the longest model name in history.

What do you reckon? Is it enough to get your wallet out and buy a sporty Triumph again?

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