Druid Motorcycles reveal plans for new hybrid and electric models

A new Californian motorcycle company has revealed plans to produce both a hybrid and electric model, with both machines set to feature 3D printed frames and cloud connectivity.

Called the Sorcerer Hybrid and Sorcerer XEV, the bikes will be produced by newly-formed Druid Motorcycles, which was founded by former aerospace designer, Milan Svoboda. 

Produced using graphene, the printed frames will have adjustable geometry, alongside a 'Druid Prophet artificial intelligence system' which uses algorithms reading real-time data to adjust the bike’s performance to changing weather, topography and riding styles.

Alongside new technology, Druid also claim some impressive statistics, with the hybrid using a 14kWh battery and AC electric motor alongside a twin-cylinder engine to produce an apparent 230hp (226.9bhp) and 200 miles range.

"Druid is our dream of powerful and intelligent motorcycling coming true," Svoboda said. "I came to America years ago with only a vision. Today those ideas take shape and form the beginning of a new reality."

There is currently no word on availability or pricing, however MCN will bring you more details as we receive them.

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