Electric Motion builds a new factory at Vendargues and launches a new range 2020

Electric Motion organised the EM Days on June 4th & 5th at their new factory at Vendargues (France). The ideal place and opportunity to launch “le nouveau Electric Motion” with a new range of models and a new visual identity. Located in a very beautiful business area, EM’s “fresh” factory will provide their teams with much better and optimized conditions, with an area adapted to their activity and expandable when the time comes. Test sites and dedicated “customer” sites are in the immediate proximity and the factory is easily accessed from the motorway.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsElectric Motion’s new Epure Race 2020Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEM Days and testing the new models

Electric Motion has a strong motivated team combining youth, experience and dynamism that will give even more excitement to their business. It was the perfect timing to present 4 new models with optimized performance and features of all kinds. A 100% renewed and innovative range, integrating some pioneering technologies …

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsElectric Motion Team

Philippe Arresten: “In the beginning they laughed with us and ridiculed us, which only had the effect of giving us even more energy. We build our historical EM 5.7, produced more than 1500 models and distributed our range in more than twenty countries. In the Trial-E competition, we climb onto a few international podiums and won a national championship title. 2019 is a year of transition.”

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEM Days at VendarguesElectric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEpure Race 2020New range 2020

Based on the same philosophy of serving novices and champions, off road users and pure trial riders, the new range open new horizons towards very high performance. The technical teams have focused on integrating the various requests received during the few appearances of the bikes.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsChristophe Bruand on the new Epure Race 2020

Philippe: “You will be surprised to discover the enormous potential of our new creations, and the work done to enable everyone and as many people as possible to practice in the best conditions, with motorcycles capable of adapting, from the beginner’s level to the champion’s requirements. As we enter this new chapter, we thank all those who have trusted us, and all those who will trust us by discovering this new evidence: to take pleasure and leave the constraints.”

Epure Lite 2020

The Epure Lite is the standard model of the Epure family, but it does benefit of all its technology. The Lite is good for all those who want to practice trial or ride off-road, with a silent motorbike that requires zero maintenance. Private individuals, training schools or off-road centers, the Epure Lite will please a large crowd of enthusiasts.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEpure Sport 2020

Designed for competitors, the Epure Sport is pure performance… Power, battery lifetime, torque, speed, weight… the Sport model has never been that improved before. The Epure Sport proves that an electric motorcycle can be as performing as the best combustion-powered ones. Without any compromise.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEpure Race 2020

This is the first homologated electric trial motorcycle ever sold equipped with a diaphragm clutch. Imagine one of the lightest trial motorcycles on the market, add the torque of an electric powertrain and finally a high performance diaphragm clutch… Essential system for the high-level competitors, here is what will make them clear the highest obstacles, with a perfect control.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles NewsEscape 2020

The Escape is the perfect bike to ride off-road from Electric Motion. Extend your boundaries and discover new horizons with the capabilities and performances of the new Escape. With this brand new model, the adventure is now pushed to the extreme. Reach across the borders and live the adventure with the Escape.

Electric Motion | Epure | Escape | Electric Motorcycles News

More info: https://www.electric-motion.fr/

New factory address:
280 Rue Du Trident
34740 Vendargues

Soon more news about Electric Motion!

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